PS4 – Game Controller Cake! Yes! It’s a Cake!

PS4 Controller Cake!!

PS4 Controller Cake

  • Cake mix or home made cake – any flavor
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Black fondant
  • Toothpicks and/or wooden skewers
  • Small (8”) spring form cheesecake pan
  • X-Acto knife
  • Small paring knife
  • Small glass of water
  • Small paintbrush


I am not really a baker but I do love to make fun creative cakes! This is not the way a professional would probably choose to make a cake like this, but it worked for me. I hope you find it helpful and tweak it in any way that works best for you!

  1. Print out two copies of the PS4 controller photo and cut one of them out to use as a template.
  2. Make the cake mix and pour in the spring form pan and bake according to the package instructions.
  3. Let cool, remove from spring form pan and when completely cool, set on a baking sheet with parchment paper, cover and transfer to the freezer overnight.
  4. Place the cut out picture template of the PS4 controller in the center of the frozen cake, take the toothpick or skewer and poke holes around the edges of the picture.
  5. Using the paring knife, and the poked holes as a guide, cut straight down until you have cut out the shape of the controller.
  6. Put the excess cake in a bowl and save for cake pops later!!
  7. Place back in the freezer.
  8. Knead the black fondant until smooth and flexible and roll out.
  9. Remove the cake from the freezer and frost with a thin layer of frosting. (I like to heat the frosting for ~20 seconds in the microwave so it is thin but not runny.)
  10. Roll the fondant onto the rolling pin and GENTLY place over the top of the cake and GENLTLY manipulate the fondant into around the edges into place. Using the X-Acto knife, cut around the edges at the bottom. Gently tuck them under so you can’t see the edges of the fondant..
  11. Using the cut out  paper copy, cut out the knobs, buttons and other details  to use as templates.  Place them on rolled out black fondant and trace around with the X-Acto knife.
  12. Place them on the “controller” using the paintbrush and water as glue. Use the other copy of the controller as your guide, since you are chopping up the other one!

**Shameless Admission- I cut out and used the paper copy for the  four buttons on the left (from the photo) and placed them on the “controller”. I did the same for the tiny PS logo and the words “share” & “options”**



Step 1- Print out two copies of this photo.


Fondant ON!


Fondant is cut!



Add the details….

Yes! He’s holding the cake!!

Author: kathy

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