Halloween Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate Dipped Halloween Pretzels

  • Pretzel rods
  • CandiQuick chocolate and/or vanilla dipping coating
  • Tall glass(es)
  • Parchment paper
  • Paper plates
  • Pretzel bags
  • Ribbon
  • Halloween spider/bat plastic rings


  • Halloween Sprinkles
  • Finely chopped peanuts
  • Toffee/chocolate

TIP: Stay away from the heavier cupcake candy decorations, they are too heavy and won’t stick to the pretzel.

  1. Melt the chocolate in the tall glass in the microwave according to the package directions.
  2. Lay the glass on its side to get the chocolate to run down the side of the glass.
  3. Pour your toppings on separate individual plates in a horizontal line wide enough for the coated pretzel to fit.
  4. Roll the pretzel rod lightly in the chocolate holding the glass on its side making sure to coat the whole pretzel without over coating it. Turn the glass and the pretzel vertically letting the excess chocolate drip into the glass; twist the pretzel slowly to get off the excess.
  5. Lay the coated pretzel in the topping on the plate and sprinkle the top and sides of the pretzel with more. DO NOT TOUCH IT FOR AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES.
  6. Repeat using all your different toppings.

**TIP: After dipping, set the pretzel on the plate with one end on the edge of the plate so the other end is the only part of the coated pretzel touching the plate. This keep the “flat” look to a minimum when it dries.

To add vanilla swirls (or chocolate swirls to a vanilla coated pretzel), after dipping, let sit for about 5 minutes, then using a spoon, lightly stream your swirl flavor over the cooled pretzel.

  1. Let set for 24 hours
  2. Slide them gently them in pretzel bags, tie with a ribbon and decorate with a spider ring!






Author: kathy

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