Flower Party Favors!

Flower Party Favors

  • Coffee filters; 6 for each flower
  • Food coloring & water
  • Cupcake cups
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  1. Take two coffee filters; fold them in half and in half again and again…
  2. Starting towards the top of the folded coffee filters; cut a pedal in the shape you desire.
  3. Take two more coffee filters and repeat step one.
  4. Cutting towards the middle of the folded coffee filters; cut a pedal in the shape you desire.Pointed pedal will create a sunflower and rounded pedals are more diasy-like!
  5. Repeat step one with the last two coffee filters.
  6. Cutting closer to the bottom; cut a small pedal in the shape you desire.
  7. Put a small amount of water and add food coloring, swirl to mix. The more food coloring the brighter your flower will be.
  8. Dip an inch of the rounded pedal top edge of the filters in the food coloring. Set aside to dry. Repeat until all have been colored.
  9. Allow to completely dry, unfolding to help the drying process.
  10. After they are completely dry, open them up. Stack them with the largest on the bottom, then the medium ending with the small flowers.
  11. Staple the middle to secure.
  12. Place a small amount of glue on the bottom (in the middle) of a cupcake cup and place on top of the staple on the flower.
  13. Add cup cakes or candy!





Author: kathy

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