Healthy Shopping Tips

Pre-Shopping Tips

  • Plan your meals; what you are going to make on for how many.
  • Think about what ingredients you can use in more than one meal.
  • Make a list, this keeps thinking to a minimum.., What I mean is, take a pencil and a piece of paper and write it down!!
  • Plan on reading the ingredients and learning what items to buy regularly.

Labels and Ingredients

  • Try to buy most of your food items fresh, that way there is no ingredients labels to read!
  • The label ideally needs to list only real food items. Not words like “akfjsfjoiitiowro” or “vnnfvmdkliejfo”. Here is a good example: If you are purchasing black beans, the label should say, “Black Beans”. Period. If you are purchasing canned tomatoes, the label should say, “tomatoes” and maybe “citric acid”, which preserves the tomatoes. But that’s it. Nothing else. Nothing!
  • If you are buying frozen veggies, find the bag that has only the veggie listed in the ingredients. No SALT!! If it has salt listed, put it back and look for veggies with no salt in the ingredients.
  • High fructose corn syrup is BAD!! (Our bodies react differently to it because it is a processed sugar.) Do not buy anything with high fructose corn syrup in the label.
  • If a word on the label has “uose” or “ose” in it. That means sugar. Put it back. I repeat, PUT IT BACK! Do NOT buy it!
  • Do not buy anything with the words “hydrogenated fat” or” partially hydrogenated” fat in them.
  • Do not buy anything with the words “trans fats” or “saturated fats” in them.
  • Do not buy anything with the words “enriched” or “hydrolyzed” in them.

Now for the shopping part…

Go to the store.

Get a cart or basket…….

Start in the produce (fresh fruits and vegetables) section.

Produce (fresh fruits and vegetables) can get squashed so load your cart accordingly…put the fragile stuff in the seat part of the cart.

If you are picking out watermelon or any other melons or oranges or pineapples make sure they are heavy for their size. That is a good sign of a good juicy one!

If you need to buy frozen veggies and fruit, make sure you read the label. No added sugar or salt!

Shop the parameter (the outer area) of the store. Stay out of the aisles if you can. All the processed foods are in the aisles.

A word about bread; remember to stay away from “enriched”. This is where you will see it a lot. Also make sure there is no high fructose corn syrup in it either. It should say things like, “whole-wheat flour” or “whole-grains”. Even if it says “enriched whole wheat…” put it back. No enriched!

Pasta ingredients should be whole wheat flour. Not “enriched whole wheat flour”, or any other “enriched” –anything. It needs to read something like “durum whole wheat flour”.