Meet Kathy Cooper


HYYYYeeeEEELLLOOOooooo!! I LOVE hanging out with my family and I LOVE cooking for them; I think the food I am most famous for in the family is my brined bacon wrapped turkey, cooked on the GRILL!!! It is SOOO DELIC!!! A close second, if not equally as delicious is my homemade cake batter ice cream with cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies, Oreo’s, toffee & fudge….it is AH-MAZING!!! I also get a kick out of creating birthday party themes and making cool fun birthday cakes, it’s SOOOO FUUNNNN!!!

I do have a confession, though…. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my barbies; there is NO DOUBT I played with them longer than most girl normally do... in fact, I still have them. I never wanted to give them up… SOOOOO, they just got bigger….Yes…….I have FIVE mannequins!!! Three girls and two kids…. Mercedes, Gracie & Millicent, are the girlzzzzzzzzz and  George Baily & McFarland are the kids. In short, I play with dolls. I’m pretty sure people think I am a WEEEeeeIRRDOOOO, including my own family and THAT’S HILARIOUS!!! 

I am also COMPLETELY and TOTALLY IN LOVE with my puppies; Farrah , yes after Farrah Fawcett and Feenix, simply because it matches the name Farrah LOL!! ….  I love them so much!! I make them treats and cakes and fun puppy stuff!! There are NO animals or critters I don’t love; they are all God’s creatures! 

I love flowers, the sun, being outside, gardening and making things beautiful! I am passionate about helping others, wellness & exercise. 

Now, I was not always so interested in all of the items I mentioned above; in fact the first half of my life I had a TOTALLY different agenda… I was a self-centered, selfish, self-seeking train wreck. It is truly by God’s grace that I am sober today and for that I am very, very grateful. I have been blessed by His hand for my sobriety, my family, my friends and my life. I pray everyday to be the person God has created me to be…. And… P.S. God really does have a FABULIOUS sense of humor!!! 


07/15/2012-10 Years Sober!!! What a diff!!!

07/14/2002-Last Day Drinking; 07/15/202- First Day Sober