Coop’s Lovable Critters

These are my puppies, Farrah & Feenix! They are sweet, sensitive, loving , cute, super smart & funny. They are the loves of my life! They are also twins (from the same litter) and were suppose to be about 5 pounds as adults; Farrah is 5 pounds a and Feenix is 15 pounds….Hmm… not sure what happened there…

Happy Birthday, Farrah & Feenix!! I hope you like your birthday cake!


Me & My Babies!

We Shall Call Him “Toadsly”!

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We Shall Call Him “Toadsly”!

This little cutie was swimming in the pool at work today! SOO cute! After a little visit, we sent him home to his family. 

His Name? Toadsly!

Have fun, Toadsly!


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