Meet Kathy Cooper

Hello, my name is Kathy Cooper. I have had many nicknames over the years… Coop, Coopie, Scoop, Scoopie, Cooper, Coop-a-Lop-A-Ding-Dong, CoopDog, Coop-There-She-Is, CaaaaOOOOppppp, kathycooper as if my first and last name were one word. They all make me laugh….. I love to crack up and I think God has a GREAT sense of humor.

I do not have a formal education in cooking, rather an informal education. It started when I was eleven, I came home from school to find a whole chicken in the kitchen sink with a note on the counter next to my mom’s I Hate to Cook Cookbook that read, “If you can read, you can cook. Please make the recipe on page….” Thankfully I had watched my dad cut up a whole chicken before……yes, I was eleven.  I cooked dinner almost every day from that day forward until I moved out of our house at age 18.

Over time I became very passionate about cooking; reading cookbooks and making all kinds really good food. I became a really good cook.

Now, I have not always been interested in fitness, healthy eating and wellness. In fact the first half of my life I had a completely different agenda…..and I mean COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. So when I finally woke up from that trainwreck, I decided to start working out. Well that triggered healthy eating, and eventually that lead to a total mind, body, spirit decision to achieve wellness. So that meant no more good tasting food…or so I thought..

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